Amazing Benefits of Anulom Vilom  

Amazing Benefits of Anulom Vilom  

Anulom Vilom is an ancient breathing technique to purify the energetic channels in the body. Anulom Vilom is also called as Sahita Kumbhaka which means interrupted breath retention. In this alternate breathing technique, one inhales through right nostril and exhales through left nostril and thus the process goes on. The main purpose of this ancient breathing technique is to bring balance between physical energy and mental energy. Experts recommend this technique for all kinds of problems as it eliminates the root causes of many illnesses and helps in the purification of energy channels which are called Nadi’s in yogic terms and provides balanced metabolism.

There are many benefits from this breathing technique which most of us don’t know.


Some Amazing Benefits of Anulom Vilom helps in great way:-


  • Effective for stress management:There are many case studies to prove that Anulom Vilom can do wonders for people in managing their stress levels. Practice this breathing method regularly for about 5-10 minutes to get best results.


  • Ensures proper supply of oxygen:Oxygen is necessary in our daily life to survive. Proper supply of oxygen is necessary to the body in order to keep the body’s function uninterrupted. With this breathing technique you can provide the necessary amount of oxygen to your body.


  • Benefits brain:This main function of this breathing technique is that it clears the essential energy channels and provides balance within the body thus enhances brain functionality.


  • Aids weight loss:Doing 15-20 minutes of Anulom Vilom regularly helps in losing weight. This technique is a must have tool for the people who are aiming to lose weight. It balances hormones, provides better metabolism and helps in burning fat.


  • Provides relief from asthma:This breathing technique is very effective for asthma patients. It provides healthy flow of air to lungs and helps in proper functioning of lungs.


  • Healthy eyes:This breathing technique cleanses the Nadi’s thus helps in effective functioning of all vital body organs including eyes in a great way.


From Anulom Vilom one can derive maximum health benefits if practiced correctly and regularly under proper care.

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