Benefits of taking Ajwain in your Diet

Benefits of taking Ajwain in your Diet

Ajwain (Carom seeds) is an Indian herb belongs to the family of Apiacea. Both the fruit (normally seeds) and leaves are edible and can be consumed by humans. In India major production of Ajwain happens in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and eastern Indian states. People have been using this wonderful herb in many recipes to enhance the taste and flavor of the dish.

Along with its taste enhancing property, this natural herb also has many properties that benefits health. Adding Ajwain to your regular diet benefits and supports healthy life.


Benefits of taking Ajwain in your diet:-


  • Supports better digestion: Taking care about your stomach is very important as stomach issues can disrupt your day. The seeds of this plant are highly efficient in solving stomach issues like improper digestion. People who know this benefit of this herb cannot stop adding this to their daily meals.Also, taking this seeds daily along with ginger in some hot water reliefs you from acidity instantly.


  • Protects your hair from greying: The enzymes that are present in Ajwain stops your hair from greying. This is a good herb for stopping pre-mature greying of hair.


  • Protects you in winter: Ajwain seeds have bitter and strong pungent smell which helps in clearing nostril blockages due to cold and other infections. Also, helps to the people suffering from respiratory problems like Asthma. Make the seeds into fine powder and mix it with jaggery along with some hot water to make tea with Ajwain seeds.


  • Also acts as mosquito repellent: Because of the presence of the enzyme thymol, these seeds act as a natural mosquito repellent. Combine these seeds with mustard oil and store the liquid to use it whenever necessary.


  • Controls cholesterol levels:Many of us find it difficult to manage cholesterol levels. But maintaining cholesterol at a particular is important to stay away from many health risks. The fiber content of this seeds helps in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL).

Above all, one can get many other benefits from this amazing herb by adding this herb to daily diet.

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