How Sandalwood is the Best Friend for Your Skin Care

How Sandalwood is the Best Friend for Your Skin Care

It is quite common to have skin problems now-a-days in this growing polluted world. But it also necessary to protect your skin from this pollution and keep healthy. The minimum requirements we all do to stay healthy are like:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • In taking of healthy foods
  • Drinking sufficient quantity of water per day and a little exercise.

These are the common things that an individual do to keep healthy and fit, but there is also another requirement to have in once life to keep their skin healthy with beauty. In order to keep your skin healthy along with beauty, Sandalwood plays one of the important roles in that, which keeps your skin glow and protect from the pollution.


Some benefits of sandalwood which helps you to realize how Sandalwood is helpful for skin care:-


  • Used as Antiseptic: Sandalwood had a lot of antiseptic properties. It protects our skin from germs and growth of bacteria on our skin when we get exposed to dust and dirt in day-to-day life. This helps our skin somehow to be protected from the pollution.


  • Removing Acne, Blackheads, Tan: When we get expose to dust, we get affected by lot of skin problems like pimples, acne, blackheads etc. By using Sandalwood in any form like by having soap or by having Sandalwood face packs helps the skin to reduce those problems.


  • For Oily Skin: Sandalwood plays a good role for those who are having oily skin. Mixing some quantity of sandalwood along with any face pack ingredients helps the skin from oily nature. It washes away the oil pores and keeps the skin clear and fresh.


  • Having Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Using Sandalwood had also a benefit of reducing burning sensations which are caused due pimples, acne or some other burns. This keeps the tissues of skin cool and also keeps hygienic.


  • For Smooth Skin: Using the Sandalwood daily makes the skin smooth and free from dark spots, and helps to have a glowing skin.

 Therefore, Sandalwood acts as a good medicine which having a lot of Ayurveda Benefits for various skin problems.

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