Know all the Health Benefits of Swedana

Know all the Health Benefits of Swedana

Swedana is the most common Ayurveda which is used as a pre-procedure for Panchakarma. Swedana,the Ayurveda term, means “perspiration”. This Ayurveda treatment uses steam and helps in removing deeply deposited toxins in the form of sweat through skin pores. Swedana has been used by many people since ages because of its natural and numerous benefits. There are two types of Swedana Bashpa Swedana or full body steam bath and Nadi Swedana which is done only at a particular location of the body depending upon the necessity.

This Ayurveda treatment uses herbs in the steaming process to eliminate toxins from the body.


There are many benefits from Swedana treatment to human body :-


  • Provides relaxation:Steaming is great for body relaxation.The use of herbal oils in the Swedana process soothes the body and provides relaxation to the body. The aroma of the herbal oils helps in relaxation, fills you with positive mood and relieves you from a headache easily.


  • Tones up skin:The Swedana process can do wonders for your skin. It eliminates the toxic and dirt particles and also helps in removing blockages in the skin and thus improves skin complexion. This treatment rejuvenates the skin, hydrates dry skin and keeps it healthy and free from acne, inflammation, and other skin related problems.


  • Strengthens and tones the body muscles:The steam relaxes stiff joints and body muscles. Swedana can help you to alleviate pain due to sports injury and muscles sores due to heavy workouts.


  • Improves cardiovascular health:The heat that is produced causes the blood vessels to expand and hence increases blood flow and blood circulation. Proper blood circulation is needed for the health of the cardiovascular muscles.


  • Frees you from breath related issues:Issues like cold, flu, nausea etc. act as barriers for breathing. These breathing problems can interrupt your respiratory system. Swedana treatment helps in getting relief from all these common breathing problems as it clears the blockages in the nostrils and provides uninterrupted breathing. If you are suffering from winter infections like throat infection, cough etc. this Ayurveda process is the correct choice.


With this process, you will be feeling more relaxed and healthy. So enjoy yourself and reap its benefits.

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